This company is awful! I ordered a dog sweatshirt on December 15th to give as a Christmas present. I paid extra for fast shipping. My credit card was charged.

As of January 19th I still hadn't received it. I had tried multiple times to get in contact with the company leaving messages and writing emails. No one ever got back to me. That is until January 19th.

They wrote me horrible messages telling me I was insane and saying they were going to call my work and file a complaint against me. I am a school teacher and they got on my schools website and called my principal. She laughed and threw away the message.

Their emails were so hateful. They even went so far as to say that since my order was only $20 they wouldn't bend over backwards to give me good service because they only cared about their clients who placed big orders. I was unaware I needed to spend hundreds of dollars on dog clothes in order to get good service.

They continued to harrass me even after I stopped emailing them. In the midst of their harrassments they told me they were going to call the cops on me. I have never paid for something, not recieved it and then been told I would have the cops called on me because of it.

I hope their company fails miserably. If you ever need to buy supplies for your pets I would go elsewhere. Not worth the trouble.

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By the way, good idea Smedley. I just so happen to live in Illinois.


I too have been treated rudely and have felt threatened by the emails that have come my way.No company with this lack of customer service should be in business.

The BBB of Illinois has many complaints against this company and if they're not sending the merchandise that's ordered or issuing refunds, how are they still in business? They are stealing, aren't they? If there is a class-action lawsuit filed against them, I will be on board.

If I lived in Illinois I would find the office out of which they work and take a news crew with me to expose them as theives.We must band together to stop these people as they feel they can get away with what they're doing and so far, they are winning.

Moil, Northern Territory, Australia #128195

this place bites the big one. i placed an order on 12 FEB and i am just now getting it shipped. they had no problem billing me and taking the $$'s for it on the 12 and they Never answered my emails or calls.


This sucks...I still haven't received an order I placed over a month ago with these same people and I can't seem to get a human on the phone or a reply to my emails.

And now I have the sinking feeling I know why. I have no idea why I didn't check into this place before ordering from them.

~sigh~ Goodbye $20.:(

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